New Focused Neighbourhood Market Reports in Winnipeg

2 minutes

Real estate is a very local, focused subject. Do you know whats going on in your neighbourhood? Introducing hyper-local real estate updates.

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[00:00:03] If you're interested in buying or selling a house or a condo, you might be paying attention to the national real estate news. Please stop that right now. If you're in Winnipeg, knowing what's happening nationally is worse than useless. It may actually give you the wrong picture. Let's face it, if you want to buy a house in Winnipeg, hearing that Toronto is a hot market won't help you. But real estate is even more focused and local than that. So, for example, if you're thinking of selling your house in Transcona, you'll want to know the very recent activity in your neighborhood. If you're buying in Linden Woods, you won't really care what's happening in St. James, and so on. This is why I can produce hyper local real estate updates specifically for you. Wondering whether right now is the best time to sell your North Kildonan bungalow, your Wellington Crescent condo or your Bridgewater two story home? Thinking of buying a $250,000 home in St. James or a condo in southeast Winnipeg? Winnipeg has literally hundreds of neighborhoods from a Assiniboine Forest to Westwood, Amber Trails to River Heights, from Royalwood to Linden Woods. I'll create a focused and specific market report just for you. [00:01:14][71.0]

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